G3 Vision Features

Flash presentation created for Cantor Market Data, a trading company in New York, to market their G3 Vision product. G3 Vision provides a visual window into the high paced bond trading market. I was asked to develop a web deployable Flash solution (for high-bandwidth users) which described the G3 product, highlighted its features and talked about interpretation of the various graphs.

I began by designing an interface which complemented the G3 Vision program. The goal was to look slick yet not distract from the presentation content. Three of the four main sections use extensive Flash time-lining and coding to teach clients about G3. The 'Features' section however, uses real-time screen recordings of the G3 product with overlay graphics timed to each video. To more efficiently download these larger files, when one video file is playing, the next is downloaded in the background. If a video hasn't been downloaded a preloader is displayed.

The main G3 Vision Features Flash file is relatively small and contains the entire presentation. However, it is recommended that you have broadband if you wish to view the 'Features' section, due to the dynamic loading of large video files.
G3 Vision
G3 Vision