The redesign of the Jeff Busch Design website and portfolio is almost complete, so take a look around! You can read more about what's going on with the website and future plans here.

As a multidisciplinary designer I have a particular interest in graphic, object and furniture design and find working across disciplines enhances both my 2D and 3D projects. My professional experience includes web and print based projects and extensive experience in the signage field. I recently returned to Australia after travelling in Europe and working in New York on web and Flash development for Cantor Fitzgerald.

Featured Projects

Kitchen Stools Projects
Stools developed for a family kitchen bar. Constructed from recycled timber with architectural fixings to provide highlights.
Clan Ohm Website Project
A proposed website design and logo for gaming team Clan Ohm.

What Is Going On Here?

The portfolio is finished, except for one or two projects I may add. The hard task of cropping all the images, writing descriptions and proofing is over!

I'm working towards full W3C compliance but don't yet have all the kinks ironed out. I also need to finish tweaking paragraph/dashed-line spacing etc.
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