What Is Going On Here?


Website Progress

The portfolio is finished, except for one or two projects I may add. The hard task of cropping all the images, writing descriptions and proofing is over!

I'm working towards full W3C compliance but don't yet have all the kinks ironed out. I also need to finish tweaking paragraph/dashed-line spacing etc. Most pages will validate or have one error. The Contact page and this page need more work because of the web forms they contain.

But, don't let the ugliness put you off from posting your thoughts, encouragement, questions and critiques!

More importantly, should I keep my 'blue shirt' background?

Browser Support

Currently the site is being tested for:

In Explorer 5 Mac some of the content will be styled incorrectly, notably, sIFR headings are not displayed. The other browsers listed are fully supported.

sIFR and Flash Display Issue

Safari seems to have a problem where after a page with Flash content is loaded and Safari is then hidden (menu: Safari -> Hide Safari) when the user return to Safari, all the Flash content disappears. (Eg. the logo at the top of my pages and headlines.) The only way I know around this problem is to refresh the page. This can also be seen on other websites.

I've found one issue with sIFR on Windows. If the DPI setting (Control Panel -> Display -> Advanced Settings) is set larger than 96 dpi, the Flash text will be rendered smaller than the browser text. This only occurs in Internet Explorer.

sIFR Testing Links

You can use these links to enable/disable the flashy Flash headlines.

Remove sIFR Headlines | Display sIFR Headlines | Forget Settings

Temporarily Disable sIFR (on this page only)

Note: Flash and sIFR have been removed as they are now blocked by default in some web browsers (1/3/2018).


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28-06-2006 03:11:19
Hi, thanks for your comments and feedback! The email response has been great.
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28-06-2006 19:17:55
Hurray for comments. Your site looks good :)
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Jan McMillan
06-07-2006 01:57:58
WOW What a lot of work. Looks good to me. I thought first of all that the shirt was a bit too dark but then thought it was just subtle enough.
Good luck.
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Paul Busch
07-07-2006 19:03:37
Hey Jeff
Looks great....I must be tired...I was looking for the Blue Shirt for awhile....but I like it. I'd say keep it... Best of luck with the search....
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Julie Busch Catt
07-07-2006 21:16:12
The site looks great! And I personally love the blue shirt, just the right level of subtlety. (btw, nice to see you again, even if only your neck!)
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12-07-2006 00:53:11
Good choice of colour for the shirt. The shirt would detract from the information panel if the colour and/or pattern were brighter in tone. It is subdued but subtle. It is great to see that you have considered this aspect of the graphic as part of the communication design.
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r busch
14-08-2006 17:02:15
hey neph a great site contiued success Bob's your uncle
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20-02-2007 17:40:52
Get to work on my website. Love your work!

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