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2005 Trip Photos - Australia

It's hot, it's late, I'm tired and I have work tomorrow. I'm in NY for those of you who don't know. Decided to get my butt into gear and try and post some photos. They're not recent, but I'm trying to (slowly) crank out some images from the Europe part of my trip. The goal is to eventually be so up to date that the process culminates in actual photos of me, where I am currently. Just to throw you, some photos from Western Australia.


2004 Trip Photos

Well, I finally got down to business and have organised and uploaded some pictures. Click on a link below and either view the separate links or download the entire package - look for the file ending in '.zip'. Sorry, no thumbs online, but this way both the low and hi bandwidth users should be satisfied! Still waiting for snow in the land of the druids.


Jeff's Apartment

Hello from my humble apartment. My forced relocation brought some benefits such as a balcony, air conditioning and an additional room. The view isn't bad either.